Keeping Business


Disinfecting your workplace to protect your employees and customers.


With COVID-19 affecting everyone's daily routine, life is now more difficult than ever. The threat of the virus is there from the moment you leave your home. For businesses the challenge is even greater. You need to remain open but must ensure the safety of your staff and customers. With Vister's premium fogging service we can help to give you the assurance you seek for your business to stay virus free. Based on proven scientific results our product will be 99.9% effective for 30 days after application. This means a 30 day 'kill zone' from COVID giving you the confidence to keep running  your business, knowing your employees and customers are as  safe as possible.

Covid 19

We have chosen our suppliers based on their reputation for their products being branded as 'revolutionary' whilst also being seasoned professionals for over 20 years. We are using their advanced protection technology that has been scientifically proven to kill not just COVID but a wide range of pathogens too. Routine cleaning will not disrupt the protective barrier, nor will it prevent the antimicrobial layer from  continuing to break down the harmful microorganisms. 

The product we use is not harmful to the environment. It works by forming a highly positively charged barrier on the surface which can attract the negatively charged molecular structure of a micro-organism. Once in contact the product then pierces the outer layer of the micro-organism which breaks down and destroys it allowing the product to stop the development of pathogens that could be resistant to more traditional disinfectants.



Why choose us?

We cover the South West offering a flexible and friendly service able to meet our customers' needs. We will tailor our service to meet your individual requirements and provide a fixed quote with a full breakdown within
24 hours of our initial assessment. We will provide you with a 
certificate of work done to display on your premises.

We tailor for your individual needs

We are able to adapt to any challenges that your individual business or building may have. We provide a 24/7 service so no matter what your operating hours are, we are able to come at the best time that suits you, to minimise disruption and make sure we keep your staff and customers safe. If it is not possible for you to close completely we can fog in sections so only parts of your premises would be inaccessible for a short period of time.


Trusted value

We offer a competitive price for our work and minimise disruption so you can carry on running your business. 


We have three packages available, a one off service, a 6 month contract providing 6 cleans or a next day rapid Covid response.

30 day protection

The product we use has been successfully tested to last up to 30 days, from numerous third party testing.  

Certificate of cleanliness

You will be issued with a personalised certificate with every treatment to show you have done your upmost to ensure a safe work space for customers and employees.