Our Mission

We aim to provide assurance to the businesses we serve so that they can operate safely having taken all reasonable steps to protect their employees and visitors from Covid 19. 


Who are we?

We are a local business with two partners who are passionate about the area in which we live and want to play an active role in helping to get the South West economy get back on its feet and beat this virus. We want to do this without causing any harm to the very environment that we respect and appreciate.


We will only use one product to undertake our fogging service. This product is not harmful to human health nor the environment. It has been used successfully by other companies to date.


We believe in excellent customer service. This means using the safest, most reliable product and equipment on the market to stop the spread of Covid 19 and doing this at a competitive price. We have limited overheads so we know we are able to do this.


We are keen to work with local businesses to give you the confidence that you are providing a safe environment for staff and customers, whatever that business may be.

We will be happy to speak to you about the service we can offer and the best way to make your individual business safe.

We are fully insured and on completion of the fogging service we will issue you with a certificate of protection, to show employees and customers, your business is safe.